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Top 9 things you need to know about Stone Bags!

Stone bags looks, feels and use just like typical plastic bags. Globally, plastic bags are used for hygienic bagging of waste. The change from plastic bags to Stone bags will not cause any inconvenience, thus resulting in smoother transition for the change!

Top 9 things you need to know about Stone Bags:

What are Stone Bags?

Stone Bags are bags made from stone and will disintegrate back to stone powder, back into the soil, whether by light or by landfill.

How Stone Bags disintegrate back to stone power?

Via 2 methods:

  1. By light or by landfill: The environment-friendly bags will be degraded back into stone powder through Photic oxidative degradation. It takes just 10 days to disintegrate when exposed to strong sunlight.
  2. By burning: No harmful gases are produced in waste burning and will turn back into natural stone powder through Thermal oxidative degradation

What will happen if i burn Stone Bags?

There will be no release of black smoke or pungent smell in the process of combustion. Direct burning of Stone Bags will turn it back to stone power (calcium carbonate), thus doing no harm to the human and natural environment.

 How much carbon footprint can i saved by using Stone Bags?

Compared with use of traditional plastic bags, each use of boxed environment-friendly Stone bags can achieve a carbon emission reduction of 860g.  

What happen if I place wet items in Stone Bags?

Stone bags look and feel like plastic, thus it will not break even if Stone bags touched water.

Will it break if i place heavy items in Stone Bags?

Stone bags look and feel like plastic, thus is able to handle heavy items. As Stone Bags are made of stones, it does not break easily as compared to plastic bags.

What happens if Stone Bags dropped into the ocean?

 Stone Bags should disintegrate within 10 days under strong sunlight or 3-6 months under normal light condition in the ocean.

Why choose Stone-degradable bags over biodegradable bags?

When comparing stone-degradable bags with biodegradable bags, stone-degradable products are tougher, moisture-proof (not easily moldy) and have lower carbon emission, thus is more efficient in reducing plastic pollution than biodegradable bags.

Any awards won for this innovative environmentally friendly technology?

The company was awarded many awards and patents, some awards include the below and many more:

  • REACHReady - proved that stone bags does not cause harm to human body
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) - no hazardous materials (that are commonly found in electrical and electronic products) are found in Stone bags
  • US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) - Stone Bags can directly be in contact with food

Get your Stone Bags for the environment and your future today! #zerowastechallenge


  • Linda

    Ok so i hate plastic bags becauce they harm our sea creatures. What happens when these bags are swallowed by whales etc?

  • Ismene Gemsjaeger

    What happens if a new stone bag or parts of it is swallowed by marine animals, birds or other?

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