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China just built a Panda Power Plant

China's new Panda 248-acre solar farm in Datong is one of the country's largest clean energy operators and owned by China Merchants New Energy Group.

Completed on June 30, the 50-megawatt plant was only the first phase of the project. This phase has delivered power to a grid in northwestern China. The next panda is planned for later in the year.

The Panda Power Plant will be able to produce 3.2 billion kilowatt-hours of solar energy in 25 years. This will eliminate the use of approximately million tons of coal for producing electricity, thus reducing carbon emission by 2.74 million tons.

The blueprint of the Panda Power Plant in Datong, China showing two panda power plants.

This project is a collaboration of China Merchants New Energy Group and United Nations Development Program (UNDP). It is also part of a larger effort to raise awareness among younger generation about clean energy. The groups hope to build more panda solar plants throughout China in the next five years.

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