stone bags: the eco-friendly replacement for plastics

disappear in your lifetime

  • Reusable bags made from waste stones. Fully compostable under direct sunlight and environmentally clean.
  • No different from traditional plastic bags regarding appearance and function.
  • Burn it – No release of harmful gas or chemicals into the environment.


Stone bags are perfect against single-use plastic bags.

Use Stone Bags with those like you in your community.

Your actions help earth because sustainable is the responsible thing to do in our community.


Low environmental impact at production stage

Stone bags are produced using waste stones from mining and construction industries based on oxidation degradation technology

Low carbon emission

During the manufacturing of Stone Bags, there is low carbon emission into the environment

Low disposal release

In the process of combustion, there is no release of black smoke or pungent smell. Result of combustion shows affinity in nature from the stone powder, thus doing no harm to the human and natural environment.

No difference

No difference from traditional plastic bags regarding appearance and function

Award Winning

Upcycled from waste stones

Free Shipping

99.8% Positive Feedback


STONE BAGS comes in several colours and sizes which would suit all occasions

Additionally, the exceptional weight bearing ability assists with everyday use as well as shopping and composting.

STONE BAGS are exceptionally reasonable price and durable

As its no difference from traditional plastic bags, it is multi-functional. Yet degradable if disposed.

Love these eco-friendly stone bags, I recommend them to others & will very likely purchase them again.
John Doe
I like to treat my environment well. No complaints, I really like this stone bag.
Darcie Howell
I’m sooooooo impressed with these stone bags. It looks and works just like plastic but eco-friendly, quickly becoming one of my favorites.
Samantha Sander
Order arrived very quickly (regular delivery, no charge). Shoes look great and fit very well
Bruce Ng
Very easy to use and durable. Makes me feel very secure and able to hold weight so I have no leak problems when composing.
Mahir Johnson
These bags have great weight bearing ability and manage to look exactly the same as traditional plastic bags.
Tanya Lim

Frequently Asked Questions

Can i Return or change it?​

If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return it within 30 days.

Do your provide Support?

Yes! We have a first class support team who can answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is the shipping fee?

Free Shipping on all orders worldwide.

Parcel tracking available?

When order parcels are shipped, we email tracking numbers to customers.



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